‘Kay, Tita Kay?

A veteran shares the tips to spare you her headaches and heartaches.

‘Kay, Tita Kay?

A veteran shares the tips to spare you her headaches and heartaches.

Okay we’ve all been here before, the holidays now loom larger on the horizon. After all, this is what ‘ber months are all about right? For uber-prepared super moms out there —and surprisingly not a few dads—it is an enviable breeze. However, for the vast majority of us, life just happens, and the holidays can present an avalanche of perfectly avoidable emergencies and complications.

So I’m here to guide you through the most common pitfalls in avoiding or dealing with the typical emergencies that never fails to make the holidays even more interesting.


1. First Fatality: Your Health Schedule

The season of cheer is also the historic season of hassles and disruption. Are you starting to feel the pressure? Is your schedule or well-earned Starbucks planner now looking bloody with red ink, what with all the kids school parties and celebrations piling up along with the traditional Big Ones (Christmas, New Year’s, family reunions, and corporate parties)?

No matter what happens , please don’t forget the most important item of all, your health schedule. This of course includes your medications, workouts, and doctor’s visits if any. Remember that doctors take holidays too, and that they may work reduced hours during this time.


2. The Holidays Can Get Salty!

If you’ve got a salt-sensitive condition such as cardio issues, hypertension, or kidney trouble, keep in mind that you will be eating much more as the year ends. Neglecting this fact can land you in the ER for serious episodes such as a stroke. Start the new one healthier for a change and keep your eye out for too much added salt. Better yet, try eliminating it entirely.


3. Traffic Can Maim…or Worse

Everyone knows how traffic gets even more hideous as Christmas sales sprout all over our congested city. This means more people rushing, motorcycles swerving through cars, and just more chances you’ll get into a collision or worse. If you are already a defensive driver, good for you, but now it’s time for even more caution.


4. Keep a Steady Hand

According to some experts, knife accidents are more common than we think as Christmas approaches. One of the reasons for this is due to the fact that while we may be preparing more meals and feasts, we may also be more distracted with the holiday bustle. So while slicing and dicing, please keep your eye on the onions, peppers, and celery please.


5. Slipping, Sliding, Falling

Elderly people are most prone to falls during the holidays, simply because as they get older, they tire more easily on long walks through the mall or standing in line at buffets. Exhaustion leads to a loss of balance and bearings.


6. Ouch, My Stomach

Although it may be difficult, resisting the temptation to gorge on rich food and guzzle cocktails may just be the key to avoiding nasty consequences like pancreatitis or GERD. Indulging in bacchanalian delights too close to bedtime may also lead to sleepless nights due to unpleasant gassiness, nausea, and vomiting.


7. Kids Being Kids

If you think you may be more accident prone during the holidays, what about your kids? From toddlers to teens, they are generally more active than we are, and are even more vulnerable to slips, falls, and other adventures. Know the right response to the situation. For example if a child chips a tooth during play, avoid going to the ER. Instead call your dentist, that’s where the ER staff will refer to anyway. 


8. Rumble in the Consumer Jungle

Christmas sales blitzes. Monster traffic. Holiday pressure. Booze. These just about sound like the perfect ingredients to get into fistfights (or worse) with like-minded souls who just want to make it through the holidays alive. Summon your inner peace, lengthen your patience, count to ten, and you just might.


9. Don’t Be Still, My Heart

Back to holiday boozing and associated ills, did you know there’s such a thing as “Holiday Heart” syndrome? This is the onset of abnormal heart rhythms due to excessive drinking. It also leads to atrial fibrillation that although is quite scary and may warrant a visit to the ER, also is quite temporary. 


10. Ending it All

It’s a well-known fact that suicide rates climb as the holidays approach. This is due to depression and/or substance abuse issues with some individuals whose tendency for self-harm may increase during this period. Underneath it all is a sense of “disconnect” with the world and the rest of humanity. This holiday season, make an extra effort to be warm and friendly, to “reconnect” with these people you know who may even be among your own family members.


That’s what valuing friends and family is all about anyway, along with the need for a holiday season in the first place.

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