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Your Family’s Medical History

Just read a fascinating article – “Back to the Genetic Future: Why family medical history is key” by Sharon Begley (Newsweek Magazine, November 22, 2010, pg 26).

In short, it suggests that even though we have all sorts of modern and hi-tech ways to read our DNA today to make an educated guess at predicting what diseases may befall us in the future, nothing is as good as knowing what happened to our immediate family members in the past.

“For two important reasons: The simplest is that many of the studies linking a gene variant to one or another disease are incorrect at worst and useless at best. The more interesting reason to rely on your family medical history is that genes do not act in a vacuum.”

We invite you to come to our clinic and let our team take your medical history. Take it and use as your medical baseline. That way, you can take it in with you everytime you see a doctor. The best way to start a diagnosis!

Wishing you good health!
Your Friends at Insular Health Care