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Your Children

Most of us have a family health plan that provides care for regular as well as emergency situations.  That is comforting, especially if there are young children to be concerned about, because those worrying coughs and mysterious rashes always seem to come at the most unexpected times.

Someone just asked me if I had something for his older kids who are no longer covered by their primary heath plan… and I said, the Privilege Plus card is perfect for them!

For only Php 899.00 each, a year, card members can go to any of the 547 Insular Health Care accredited hospitals and avail of the services of one of over ten thousand trained specialists.  What’s more, card members pay negotiated doctor’s fees that are at least 40-60% lower than walk-in patients usually get charged.

No age limit, no requirement that they be single or dependent!  With the card, any child can just walk right into any doctor on the Insular Health Care Network, and get the care they need for a deeply discounted rate.

For details on Privilege Plus, Read More.

Wishing you good health!
Your Friends at Insular Health Care