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Using Stand Alone Clinics as an Alternative

Stand Alone Clinics (SAC) are outpatient healthcare facilities which offer laboratory, specialists’ consultations, and other diagnostic services. It attracts the interests of customers because it provides majority, if not all of primary health care solutions under one roof in a more convenient way. Examples of these SAC are those facilities based in malls and industrial areas.

To date, Insular Health Care (IHC) has accredited 356 SAC all over the country. IHC highly recommends the use of these facilities to its members. Based on our members’ experience, using SAC are advantageous because: they are more accessible being located in strategic places; it has lower services rates than hospitals which helps in maximizing the member’s Maximum Benefit Limit(MBL); it benefits the employers as less man-hours are lost since employees can return to work faster; and SAC has flexible hours for consultations even during weekends.

Please visit our website, for the list of these facilities. You may also call the Insular Health Care hotline numbers at (02) 8177857, 09178861167 or toll free line, 1800-10-8177857 for assistance.