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The Art of Relaxing

If you are like 2/3 of all the people we know, you’re over-stressed right now.
Most of us ignore the counsel to chill out, so today, I think we should all think a little about practicing the art of relaxation.

If you into aerobic exercises or do any form of yoga for even 20 minutes a day, you’re way ahead of the game. But if you’re a workaholic, or worse, too lazy to try, you’re probably a lot better at pushing pens or remote control buttons.

So how about starting out with concentrating on something we do all the time, but with very little appreciation for how we do it: Breathing. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Or as my Yogini BFF says, breathe in the Good Air and let out the Bad. C’mon now – ten breaths. Your brain needs its rest and one deep breath will work like magic.

Next, think of something that will make you Smile. Take out your wallet and gaze a minute at the picture you carry, and think about why you put it in there in the first place. Such a little effort; such a lot of inner peace gain.

Finally, stand up and reach with both hands for either side of the room or up to the ceiling. Isn’t that how you used to answer when your mother used to ask you how much you loved her?

The trick is to do whatever makes you healthy, relaxed and happy. Take the time to do something special for yourself. You won’t regret it.

Wishing you good health!
Your Friends at Insular Health Care