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Refer-a-Friend. Share the Health.

Terms and conditions:

1. This is open to all active members of Insular Health Care under Individual and Family accounts or Corporate accounts.

2. Active members (hereafter shall be called “referrer”) are encouraged to refer their friends or relatives to apply for an Individual or Family Plan (new account). A Referral Form with the pertinent information of the referrer must accompany the application documents for the referral to be valid. In addition, the application should not be under an agent or broker. The Referral Form may be downloaded from our website ( For online applications, the Referral Form is included in the online application module.

3. If the referred application is approved, the corresponding referrer earns a Sodexo Premium Pass (gift certificate) worth P 500.00 for each member. The Sodexo Premium Pass is not convertible to cash.

4. Insular Health Care shall send the referrer a Notice to Claim letter five (5) working days after the application has been approved.

5. Referrers may claim their Sodexo Premium Pass at the Head Office from Mondays to Fridays 9:00 am to 4:00 pm within sixty (60) calendar days from date of Notice to Claim letter. Otherwise, the Sodexo Premium Pass will be forfeited in favor of Insular Health Care. Referrers should call Insular Health Care to set a schedule for claiming. When claiming, referrers should present any original valid ID (with picture) together with the Notice to Claim letter. For those with representatives, the representatives must present the referrer’s original valid ID (with picture), Notice to Claim letter, the representative’s original valid ID (with picture), and letter of authorization duly signed by the referrer. For referrers located outside the Metro Manila area, they may request to send the Sodexo Premium Pass via registered courier through a letter indicating their preferred mailing address and contact details.

6. Sodexo Terms and Conditions shall apply in the use of the Sodexo Premium Pass.

7. Management reserves the right to decide on cases where the above-mentioned terms and conditions do not apply.