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Insular Health Care Inc Makati Office Clinic
Naga Imaging Center Cooperative (NICC) Doctors Hospital Visit

INSULAR HEALTH CARE is the first Health Maintenance Organization to visit and orient the management and staff of NAGA IMAGING CENTER COOPERATIVE (NICC) DOCTORS HOSPITAL located in Roxas Avenue, Diversion Road, Triangulo, Naga City. This 99-bed,  state-of-the-art health facility is the newest and most modern in Bicol. It boasts of a brand new GE ultra light 16-slice CT scan ,  model  X-rays,  EEG, ECG, and other sophisticated diagnostic machines. It has a complete line of modern equipment for its Intensive Care Unit (ICU), operating room complex, emergency room, NICU, clinical laboratory and  physical therapy, among others.

NICC Doctors Hospital’s Medical Director, Dr. Jose C. Rañola (middle); Insular Health Care’s Dr. Miriam C. Ventenilla, Senior Manager (left) and Zarah Jane Lanuza, Providers Relations Supervisor (right) and NICC Doctors Hospital’s senior personnel.