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Interview With a Privilege Plus Card Holder

Having health insurance is important because coverage helps people get timely medical care and improves their lives and health.

The Privilege Plus card is perfect for anyone who needs a short-term or temporary but comprehensive coverage. You get great savings on professional fees of accredited doctors at excellent hospitals and clinics, allowing you to apply the huge savings to other unexpected expenses, like medicines, room costs, transportation, or other medical services.

Below is a sample interview from one of the Privilege Plus Card Holders.

Questions and Answers:

• How long have you been a member of Privilege Plus Card?

– 3 months

• From the time you’ve been a member of this health card, how many times you are able use it?

– Once

• Is that really beneficial to you, your dependents, your family or colleagues?

– Yes

• Are the discounts you availed is very helpful?

– Yes. I availed great discounts.

• Did you find it hard to find accredited Doctors/Hospital?

– No

• Have you encountered any problems whenever you use the card?

– No

• Do you plan to buy the Privilege Plus Card again when it reach its expiry date?

– Yes

• Overall from 1-5, can you please rate the Privilege Plus Card?

– 4

• Would you recommend to your friends or family? Why?

– Yes. Because the discount is of big help and it’s easy to avail of the service.


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