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Insular Health Care Inc Makati Office Clinic
Insular Health Care Team Building 2014

Team events have played a vital role at IHC ever since. We all think it’s important to have fun together after a long day or week of working hard – be it surprising each other as the second batch of Team Building participants had their activity last August 02, 2014. The whole event was facilitated by our very own Dr. Art Libao.

The day started off with a warm-up and basic Zumba exercise. Everybody was excited as it was an extraordinary day seeing everyone dance to their feet along with their gym clothes.

Games and a lot of fun activities were prepared by Doc Art, ensuring that we all establish a work culture where joint communication and decision making among all members of the healthcare team becomes the norm. He also explained how it’s an ongoing process that grows over time. Our favorites were the game of racing to shoot a very small ball using the PVC pipes – this helped every team strategize and cooperate in the quickest time possible. Then, there was also an activity of untangling everyone from a twisted circle. Interesting video clips were also shown and as the day went through, camaraderie and greater unity was developed among all the departments.

We all can’t wait for next year’s team building!