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Insular Health Care Inc Makati Office Clinic
Insular Health Care Clinic Goes Digital

By: Nina C. Gabriel

Insular Health Care Clinic patients can now enjoy the advantages of our newly acquired digital x-ray machine. Gone were the days when patients were requested to wait for at least 5 minutes as the x-ray technician developed and evaluated the accuracy of the x-ray film. With the digital machine, it will just take one minute to have the x-ray image scanned and converted into a digital format. This will mean more productivity for the patient as waiting time is considerably shortened.

The digital format is a technology advancement wherein patients as well as medical practitioners may use the email to collaborate on a particular health condition. Patients can now share their digital X-rays electronically with their doctors. Doctors can now also share their cases with other doctors when second opinions are needed. These arrangements will be applicable for both local use and for institutions outside the Philippines.

Another convenient item is the compact disc (CD) and/or universal serial bus (USB) where the x-ray images can be saved. Patients will receive the CD/USB together with the official x-ray reading. This makes storage for the company and the patient easier.

Of course, radiation emitted by the digital x-rays are much lower compared to the film-based X-rays. This is a welcome development for patients and technicians, as well.
With this latest development in the Clinic, we are living up to our commitment to provide quality and dependable health care to all individuals. With the customer’s well-being in mind, we will continue to seek innovations in our delivery of excellent health care services.