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Insular Health Care Inc Makati Office Clinic
IHC Holds Navotas Medical and Dental Mission

By Nina Marie C. Gabriel, RN

April 2, 2016 was a day of giving back as it was the day of our Medical and Dental Mission. This was the day which we planned for almost a month.

We were all given pre-designated responsibilities by Dr. Art C. Libao, IHC Asst. Vice President & Medical Director. Jelyn of Accounting helped the barangay health workers in the registration while nurses Tine, Kaye, and Lory of Sales & Marketing took the vital signs of the patients. After being seen by doctors Gretchen, Pierre, Lia, Sam, and Bugs the residents of Daanghari trooped to the Pharmacy section headed by Clinic Manager Jing Balanon. Together with nurse Mae, medtech Von, radtech Roland, and General Services’ Ram and Arnold, we gave out free medicines.

Our five doctors from Insular Health Care (IHC) and 5 doctors from the Navotas City Health Office (NHO) attended to the needs of 148 adult & 132 pediatric patients. Five dentists from the NHO did tooth extractions for 70 patients.

Dr. Libao directed the whole operation and ensured that logistical requirements are all met immediately. Barangay Captain Tito Sanchez and his TEAM provided the security and physical arrangements.

We would like to acknowledge our friends from the pharmaceutical industry and several Clinic doctors who donated samples to augment the medicines we bought.

The mission was tiring, but it was okay. The weather was very hot, but we were fine. Nothing was more fulfilling than sharing a day with our less fortunate brothers and spending bonding moments with my Clinic family and friends. It was definitely worth giving up extra hours of sleep on a weekend and braving the horrendous traffic.