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Are You Familiar with Turmeric?

by Jennifer Gumba

Turmeric is a spice grown in India and other tropical regions of Asia. It has a long history of use in herbal remedies, particularly in China, India, and Indonesia. It is a common food flavoring and coloring in Asian cooking. Also, Turmeric comes from the same family as the ginger root and is one of the most versatile spices. It has almost a sweet and tangy taste.

Unknown to us, Turmeric has a lot of help benefits listed below…

1. Anti-Cancer Properties

Turmeric has potential anti-cancer properties. The main ingredient in turmeric is curcumin. According to a study conducted by UCLA, curcumin was found to block the growth of cancer by inhibiting cell signaling between cancer cells (UCLA). Curcumin also helps the body to destroy mutated cancer cells, so they cannot spread through the body and cause more harm.

2. Antioxidant

As an antioxidant, curcumin is able to neutralize free radicals, chemicals that can travel through the body and cause great amounts of damage to healthy cells and cell membranes.Turmeric also improves skin complexion, acne and blemishes.

3. Anti-Inflammatory

Turmeric is especially important for healthy joint function. This is important for people with rheumatoid arthritis. The anti-inflammatory properties help with aiding in healthy skeletal system as well. Also, it treat a wide variety of conditions, including flatulence, jaundice, menstrual difficulties, bloody urine, hemorrhage, toothache, bruises, chest pain, and colic.

4. Eye Health

Turmeric works to keep eyes healthy by reducing oxidation of the lens proteins which is the source of cataracts.

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5. Liver Function

Turmeric can increase detoxification enzymes which help to eliminate toxins. Turmeric also helps to increase the livers ability to decrease LDL (bad) cholesterol.

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6. Blood Function

Turmeric affects the blood by improving circulation, promoting blood formation, and purifying the blood.

7. Cardiovascular and Blood Sugar Effects

Turmeric helps to decrease LDL (bad) cholesterol which can decrease heart attack and stroke risks. Turmeric can also aid in keeping blood sugar balanced. In addition, turmeric is a good source of vitamin B6, which is needed to keep homocysteine levels from getting too high. Homocysteine, an intermediate product of an important cellular process called methylation, is directly damaging to blood vessel walls.

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8. Digestive System

Turmeric promotes a healthy digestive system by pushing out toxins.

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9. Weight Loss and Management

Turmeric stimulates bile flow. Bile helps “digest” fats, which is helpful in weight loss and weight management.

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Curcumin has poor bioavailability so it’s needed in high doses. Thus, a supplement is best. Always buy certified organic supplements with a vegetable capsule.

You can add turmeric to your food, it’s best to use raw turmeric.

Also when cooking anything, you lose nutrients so you can always add fresh raw turmeric to your juice.

Turmeric is SAFE when used appropriately.


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