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Insular Health Care Inc Makati Office Clinic

Optional Benefit for Individual and Family

Dental Benefits

  1. Avail of this out-patient benefit at the member’s accredited preferred dental clinic (for those who select strict preferred dental facilities) or at any dental clinic (for those who select open-door dental facilities) under the Filipino Doctors Health Management, Inc.
  2. Any number of consultations on dental problems including but not limited to lesions, wounds, burns, and gum problems (during clinic hours and by appointment)
  3. Annual Oral Prophylaxis (mild to moderate cases)
  4. Unlimited simple tooth extractions, except surgery for impaction or extraction of impacted tooth or complicated extractions involving the use of other dental instruments aside from pliers and/or the re-administration of anesthesia
  5. Unlimited temporary fillings
  6. Unlimited re-cementation of fixed bridges, jacket crowns, inlays and onlays (limited to 4 abutments)
  7. Dental education and counseling during consultations
  8. Simple adjustments of denture clasps
  9. Two (2) surfaces of amalgam fillings

For “open-door” dental plan, add:

  1. Any number of consultations/dental examinations including treatment of lesions, wounds, burns, gum and other dental problems except diagnostics, prescribed medicines, surgeries and “root canal” procedures
  2. No limit as to the number of abutments covered (on item 5 above)
  3. Orthodontic consultations
  4. Aesthetic dental consultations
  5. Emergency desensitization of hypersensitive teeth
  6. Option to choose between two (2) surfaces of amalgam fillings or one (1) surface of “light cure” filling