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Insular Health Care Inc Makati Office Clinic

Membership Fee / Billing Notice

Membership fee is due and payable on Effective Date of the Agreement. The enrollment fee of P 165.00 per applicant is a one-time non-refundable fee. Payment should be on or before due dates corresponding to a mode pre-selected by the Member. Non-receipt by the Member of a billing notice does not constitute a valid reason for non-payment of membership  fees.

Membership fees are payable at any Insular Health Care office or through a duly authorized collection agent of Insular Health Care. Non-payment of membership fees for 31 days from the due date will automatically void the “Agreement”. Benefits under the “Agreement” are allowed only if membership fees have been paid prior to availment of such benefits. If for any reason the Insular Health Care membership is pre-terminated, the Member must surrender to Insular Health Care his/her membership card.