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Dreaded Diseases (examples of) for Individual and Family

The Maximum Benefit LImit (MBL) per person per illness or injury per year will depend on the member’s Room Accommodation / Plan Category (which will be established at the start of the coverage period based on the client’s requirements, e.g., Officer, Supervisory, Rank and File, with or without dependents) and shall apply to dread and non-dread diseases.

Coverage is subject to the Maximum Benefit Limit per person per illness or injury per year:

  1. Neurological Disorder
  2. Blood dyscrasia
  3. Collagen/Immunological disorder
  4. Liver Cirrhosis
  5. Chronic Pulmonary/Renal disorder
  6. Cardiovascular disorder
  7. Cancer
  8. Any condition which necessitates the use of Intensive Care Unit subject to other limitations
  9. Accidental injuries
  10. Other conditions causing partial or total organ damage or failure