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Take Care of Your Kidneys

Chronic Kidney Disease is known to be a silent killer since the disease develops slowly and with no symptoms. Most people realize they are sick only when the disease is in its advanced stage.

It is important for people at risk to see a doctor and have tests done. Early detection can prevent and slow down further damage to the kidneys.

Basic Facts

  • The kidneys, two bean-shaped organs about the size of a fist, act as a filtering system for the body. It removes waste and excess fluid from the blood every 30 minutes.
  • It is possible to live with only one kidney.
  • High blood pressure and diabetes are the two leading causes of kidney disease
  • Other risk factors include heart disease, obesity, old age, high cholesterol and a family history of chronic kidney disease
  • From the Department of Health (DOH) data:
    • One Filipino dies of kidney disease every hour
    • Kidney disease is ranked number nine among the top ten killer diseases in the country
    • Dialysis is expensive making it one of the highest reimbursement expenditure of Philhealth
  • Kidney transplantation is limited due to the cost involved and the shortage of qualified donors.


Signs and symptoms

In its advanced stage, some signs for kidney disease include:

  • Fatigue, weakness
  • Difficult, painful urination
  • Foamy urine
  • Pink, dark urine (blood in urine)
  • Increased need to urinate (especially at night)
  • Puffy eyes, swollen face, hands, abdomen, ankles and feet
  • Back pain, chills and fever

Tips to help keep the kidneys healthy

  • Control your blood pressure and blood sugar.
    •See a doctor if your blood pressure is high. Your doctor needs to keep it under control
    •For those with diabetes, regularly follow-up with your doctor and take steps to meet blood sugar targets
  • Cholesterol should be within normal range
  • Eat food low in sodium
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Stay physically active
  • Take medications as directed
  • Be cautious of taking herbal medicines and weight loss supplements as some of these may have contents that damage the kidneys

Insular Health Care, Inc. disclaims any liability or responsibility for the consequences of any actions taken in reliance on the health advisory or safety tips. The health-related materials contained herein are not intended to establish policy, procedure or standard of care.

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