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Kids Health: Back to School Tips


Summer comes to an end and it’s back to school for our kids. Here are some tips to keep your child healthy and safe this school year.

Nutrition Plan

–  Breakfast is important as it helps your child stay active and concentrate at school.

–  Skipping breakfast does not help maintain a healthy weight since the child tends to eat more calories throughout the day.

–  Whole-grain bread or cereal, fruit, milk, yogurt, or eggs are good breakfast options.

–  Plan nutritious meals and snacks ahead of time and involve the child in food planning and preparation. Try to include a variety of foods, including grains, protein, dairy products, fruits and vegetables.

–  Limit fat intake by avoiding fried foods and choosing healthier cooking methods such as broiling, grilling, roasting and steaming.

– Limit fast food and low-nutrient snacks such as chips and candy. Make them “once-in-a-while” foods, so kids don’t feel deprived.

Choose water as a drink

Encourage your child to drink water instead of sugar-laden juice packs and soda.

Each 12-ounce soft drink contains approximately 10 teaspoons of sugar and 150 calories. Drinking just one can of soda a day increases a child’s risk of obesity by 60%. Restrict your child’s soft drink consumption.

Get your kids on a sleep schedule
Lack of sleep can impact a child’s ability to learn in the classroom.

For children 5 to 12 yers old, 10-11 hours of sleep is recommended.

Backpack Safety

– Choose a backpack with wide, padded shoulder straps and a padded back.

– Pack light. Organize the backpack to use all of its compartments. Pack heavier items closest to the center of the back. The backpack should never weigh more than 10 to 20 percent of your child’s body weight.

– Always use both shoulder straps. Slinging a backpack over one shoulder can strain muscles.

– If the school allows, consider a rolling backpack. This type of backpack may be a good choice for students who must tote a heavy load.

Disclaimer: Insular Health Care, Inc. disclaims any liability or responsibility for the consequences of any actions taken in reliance on the health advisory or safety tips. The health-related materials contained herein are not intended to establish policy, procedure or standard of care.


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