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Maximum Benefit Limits (MBL) for Corporate Accounts

The Maximum Benefit Limit (MBL) per person per illness or injury per year will depend on the member’s Room Accommodation / Plan Category (which will be established at the start of the coverage period based on the client’s requirements, e.g., Officer, Supervisory, Rank & File, with or without dependents) and shall apply to dreaded and non-dreaded diseases.

MBLs may vary according to the client’s requirements. However, as much as possible, the company applies the following standard MBLs for the following Room Accommodation / Plan Categories:

Room / Plan MBL Room / Plan MBL
Suite Php 125,000 Plan 1,000 Php 125,000
Private Php 100,000 Plan 800 Php 100,000
Semi Private Php 75,000 Plan 600 Php 75,000
Ward Php 50,000 Plan 400 Php 50,000