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Enrollment / Approval of Application for Corporate Accounts

An applicant applying for coverage is required to accomplish an enrollment form otherwise there will be no coverage despite having paid a deposit for membership fees. Changes in the application may be done prior to the underwriting process or the issuance of the ID card. Exceptions, if any, will be handled on a case-to-case, non-precedent setting basis. It is understood that Insular Health Care reserves the absolute right to approve or disapprove any application for membership. In case an application is disapproved due to an adverse medical condition, an applicant may still avail of the Insular Health Care program by executing a “waiver” relinquishing or limiting coverage for the particular adverse condition. Non-compliance of underwriting requirements within the prescribed period will mean the exclusion from coverage of the condition for which an underwriting requirement has been prescribed. In case of pre-termination of coverage or resignation/deletion of members, the client should return the ID card(s) of its members. Any misuse of the ID card by a member will be for the account of the client and / or the member.