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June 01 2012

Individual Effectivity

Effectivity Date of Coverage for Individual and Family

Effective date of coverage will either be the 1st, 8th, 16th, or …

June 01 2012

Membership Fee / Billing Notice

Membership Fee / Billing Notice

Membership fee is due and payable on Effective Date of the Agreement. The enrollment …

June 01 2012

Individual Enrollment Approval

Individual Enrollment /Approval of Application for Individual and Family


An applicant applying coverage is required…

June 01 2012

Individual Dependents Coverage

Dependent’s Coverage for Individual and Family

Accommodation / Plan of Dependents / Secondary Members should …

June 01 2012

Individual Membership Eligibility

Membership Eligibility for Individual and Family Plan

Membership Eligibility



May 29 2012

Individual Permanent Exclusions

Permanent Exclusions (examples of) for Individual and Family


  1. Care by non-accredited Physician and/or in a non-preferred
May 29 2012

Individual PEC

Pre-Existing Conditions (PECs) for Individual and Family

A. An illness or condition shall be considered pre- existing…

May 25 2012

Individual Dread Diseases

Dreaded Diseases (examples of) for Individual and Family

The Maximum Benefit LImit (MBL) per person per illness or injury…

May 25 2012

Individual LMT

Latest Modalities of Treatment (examples of) for Individual and Family


  1. Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy (LapChole)
May 25 2012

Individual Optional Benefit

Optional Benefit for Individual and Family

Dental Benefits

  1. Avail of this out-patient benefit at the member’s accredited
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