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February 27 2013

Are Mushrooms a Condiments Only? No no no…

by Jennifer Gumba

The use of mushroom as food item is probably as old as civilization. Mushroom has been recognized as important…

February 25 2013

Secure Your Health with Privilege Plus Card

Insular Health Care introduces this “One Size Fits All” card – perfect for anyone who needs short-term or temporary,…

February 22 2013

Deadly New Virus Could Infect Humans’

-Phil. Star

LONDON (Reuters) – A new virus that emerged in the Middle East last year and has killed five people is well…

February 20 2013

Do You Want to Stay Healthy?


by Jennifer Gumba

What you eat affects how you feel and how you feel affects what you eat. We all know that food makes…

February 18 2013

The threat you least expected

“CTalk” by Cito Beltran in today’s PhilStar

The greatest threat to you and your family may not necessarily…

February 15 2013

Drink Water First

by Jennifer Gumba

Water is clearly the most important nutrient and the most abundant substance in the human body. Water …

February 13 2013

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

by Jennifer Gumba

Cardiac Arrest is the pause or stopping of normal circulation of the blood due to failure of the heart to…

February 11 2013

10 Tips to Start Your Day

Every morning is a new hope and a new beginning. The way you get up in the morning defines how your whole day will be spent. It…

February 07 2013

Aiming for a Healthy Body

by Jennifer Gumba

Did you know that a healthy body reflects a healthy lifestyle? Living a healthy lifestyle, your body functions…

February 04 2013

Benefits of Warm Water and Lemon

1. Immune Booster

Vitamin C is probably one of the easiest and fastest ways to boost your immune system. Lemons are packed…